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Shooting Tips/drills

Shooting Tips/drills

What Is Needed: A goal, a goalkeeper, a feeder and a football.

Instructions: A feeder throws the ball up or chips the ball into the box where the attacker glances the header past the keeper and into one of the bottom corners.

Variations: A defender could be placed marking the attacker so it would be more challenging for the striker to get his header on target.

Aim Of The Drill: This helps the attacker get used to crosses and set plays by using their head. With shooting you have to aim for the bottom corners and heading is no exception as it is harder for the goalkeeper to reach. It also gets the striker using their aerial strength against the bigger defenders who are not so much quick but they are strong in the air. Always look to aim the headers in the corner, use plenty of power using your neck muscles, imagine you are trying to push your head through paper, use your neck muscles to follow through the ball, do not let the ball just hit your head, this will reduce the direction and power of the header.

Drill Name: Composure

What is needed: A goal, a goalkeeper, a feeder and a couple of footballs.

Instructions: There is the goalkeeper who stays in the goal most times acting like he or she is in a match situation. The feeder is standing behind the goal with the footballs lined up across the line between the goalpost and the corner flags. The striker is situated on the edge of the area in front of the goal. The feeder the randomly runs to a football which is placed on the line between the goalpost and the corner flag and then picks the ball up. The feeder throws the ball a few yards to the left or right of the striker and the striker has to take one touch and then shoot. This has to be done as quickly as possible as once the striker has taken the shot the feeder should immediately throw another ball to the same place as the striker was before and so the striker has to be kept on his toes at all times.

Variations: Once the striker has got comfortable with this drill there could be another player who acts as a defender standing a few yards away and once the ball has been fed and the striker has taken a touch to control it the player can act as a defender and try and block the shot. To make it even harder the defender can act as a man marker to the striker and the striker has to speed up his control and shot. The feeder can also vary the weight of the pass to the striker and the height of the pass to the striker; this is to make it more like a game situation.

Aim Of The Drill: This drill is all about keeping composure whilst in the box. The defender is trying to pressure the striker into shooting too early and rushing the shot. When this happens the technique of the shot goes and it is likely to miss the goal. So the striker has to learn to keep composed whilst under pressure and the more composed a striker is the easier it becomes for them to take their shot without feeling the pressure of the defender so then the technique of the striker benefits.

Drill Name: Spinning Off The Defender
What Is Needed: A goal, a goalkeeper, a defender, a feeder and a football.

Instructions: You stand with your back to the defender facing the feeder. The defender sticks as close to you as possible at all times. The feeder chips the ball over you and the defender and you have to spin off the defender and score.

Variations: There are not many variations that could be made to this drill. I think to begin with the defender could give the striker more room but as you repeat the drill the defender could actually man mark the striker making it difficult to turn the defender. The goalkeeper could also come out and close the striker down if he has turned the defender so it makes it harder for the striker to finish.

Aim Of The Drill: This drill mainly encourages movement off the ball. This skill is vital for a striker to get behind a defender without being offside so positioning is also a vital aspect to this drill. A top striker not only needs good finishing but the ability to move off the ball and create space for a shooting opportunity is essential. This drill is what most players use in a game especially strikers to turn defenders. Anticipation is another factor in this drill as the striker needs to anticipate where the ball will land so he can decide where to move and then what to do once he has the ball.

got it off another website, but i will write them up for training by yourself, probably tomorrow night, the ones i posted are mainly for a group of you 

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