Friday, 7 September 2012

Football coaching game making full use of the neutral player

Football coaching game making full use of the neutral player

This is a great psychological game because it teaches players to look for other options on the pitch, be that playing a ball out of defence or looking to fashion a chance in the final third.
Rather than just using their team mates, players are encouraged to look further across the line, making use of overloads.

In defensive mode, a team must be well organised to counter the overload, and all players need to be alert to possession changing hands, since player numbers and attacking direction has been flipped on its head.

You should look for neutral players to be as attack-minded as possible in this game, with other attackers using their overload men to create good shooting opportunities.
How to set it up:
  • Set up using a playing area that measures 40x30 yards.
  • There is a goal at each end of the long side, with a keeper in each.
  • Organise three teams of three players.
  • Two teams attack each other, with the other team of neutral players arranged as:
  1. one on the left flank.
  2. one on the right flank.
  3. one in the playing area itself.
    The rules:
    • Each team of three has to combine and attack a goal.
    • In linking passing moves together, teams can use any of the neutral players.
    • The game is played for five minutes before each team of three is rotated, so that each group takes it in turns to act as the neutral players.
    • The coach can put rules and requirement on the neutral players if needed, such as limiting touches on the ball. Alternatively, he might allow them or not allow them to score in the goals.
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