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Become a Better Striker

Become a Better Striker

Work on the following aspects if you want to improve as a forward. Can you safely say you have all of them perfected?
Shooting, both from distance and close range. If you don’t shoot you don’t score.
Apart from making forward runs strikers must sometimes play with their back to goal to link play, making themselves available to receive and turn or lay off under pressure.
Working together as a unit. Forward players must play close to each other to be able to work together, if the midfield do not make advanced runs forwards are often isolated. If this does occur then dribbling for penetration and possession is always an option.
Heading – attacking.
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Tackling. The forwards are the 1st line of defence. If your team losing possession in the attacking 3rd then it is initially up to the forward to put pressure on the ball to win possession but also to allow the team to get their shape back.
Forwards need to have great composure in front of goal and have the ability to make good decisions quickly.
Confidence. Forwards must approach every game thinking they are going to score.
Awareness & Vision. Forwards must be aware at all times of the goalkeepers position to identify which areas of the goal is more vulnerable.
Forwards often run wide in to the channels so the ability to cross the ball from varying angles and positions is essential.
A quality 1st touch (to feet, knee, chest or head) and short accurate passing are vital techniques.
Body over the ball to keep shots down. Make the goalkeeper work.

Soccer player - Forwards - when defending from the front:

Track back to split defenders and get behind the ball.
When pressing the ball high up the pitch, show the defender the outside where there is limited opportunities to keep possession, the majority of support will be inside.
Pressing the opposition midfielders from behind helps your own midfield.
If a midfielder is in an advanced position when possession is lost forwards can offer cover and balance.
Delay the attack to allow team mates to recover and regroup.

Soccer player - Forwards - when attacking:

Making positive forward runs through the channels in advance of the ball.
When in isolated or advanced positions dribble the ball to penetrate the defence to create a goal scoring opportunity.
Make intelligent runs off the ball to disrupt opponents defence and formation. Take players away.
Link play with other forward and midfielders using one two’s, quick high tempo short passes
Always aim for the far post when shooting at an angle. This increases the chance of a secondary opportunity.
Soccer Better Striker
Intelligent runs to beat the off-side trap.
Take you marker away to create space in behind or through a channel.

Attacking wide players:

When 2 forwards play central full backs normally tuck in so the ball to wide areas is always an option if the forward anticipates the pass before the defender.
Dribbling / 1 v 1 skills are an essential technique for an attacking wide player before crossing the ball or cutting in to shoot.
When the ball is on the opposite side of the pitch wide players should tuck in and get in the box as an extra forward.
Intelligent runs off the ball to disrupt opposition back line.
Many goals are scored from the side of the goals, because the middle is usually well defended; therefore, it is more beneficial to teach players to shoot at an angle.

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