Friday, 24 August 2012

How to change your tactics to benefit your game

How to change your tactics to benefit your game

Changing tactics is something every soccer coach has to consider when he can't find a winning combination. Young players need to begin their soccer careers with a sound understanding that tactics matter.
Copy the greats - try a tactical change
In the top leagues in England, 4-4-2 is the main tactic most teams use all the time. Only three teams, Manchester Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal consistently change their formations depending on who they are playing.

In Italy, tactics using different formations are taught from under-7s right through to senior level. It's something you should be doing as a coach of young soccer players, changing tactics by changing the shape your team plays.
image illustrates changing your player formations, for instance using 2-3-1
Go from 2-2-2 to 2-3-1 or 3-2-1
When you first start your matches at under-7, most coaches will play 2-2-2, and the players will get used to the format and play to it. However, if you change your formations to 2-3-1 or 3-2-1, you will give your players an insight into how coaching tactics can alter the outcome of matches.
The 2-2-2 is a strong formation, but what else does it offer? Your opponents will probably play 2-2-2 so you will often cancel each other out. But play 2-3-1 and you've already changed the look of the game.

Formation tips
Get your midfielders to overlap on the wings and you've spread the game, the defending side is overwhelmed in midfield and then in defence as your midfielders drag the game to the wings. Your one forward will have all the space in the world to run into and pick up the crosses the defenders miss. Or even 3-2-1 when you want your defenders to run the game and stop fast forwards picking you off.
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